Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Whole Lot of Weather Going On

A few days ago I posted some rather lame images of flowers. Perhaps some were thinking how terribly ordinary and not terribly interesting they were. Perhaps I was thinking that too. But you see, it seems nothing short of a miracle that those flowers are here, blooming.

I know that, in NYC, everyone is sweltering in the heat and humidity, but here, it is something different.

I wouldn't trade it, no my dear. As someone, clearly much wiser than myself, said when I was commenting on how it was amazing that I was wearing my winter coat and it being almost July, "It's the weather we have, so enjoy it."

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dorina said...

i was actually excited when i saw your rain photo! i love the rain when i don't have to be running around to appointments and classes in it. i love it from inside a cozy home! k. was happy to be caught in it yesterday coming back from buying perogis at dag's. she came home drenched. oh to be 14 again! we've had some beautiful thunderstorms here in the past few days.