Wednesday, September 29, 2010

As the World and Spinning Wheel Turns

Now that I no longer have to work on a 100lb piece of crochet for a rocket, I am free to take up any project that calls my name. Let's see...who has been waiting in the wings?

Oh yes, this:

This is the yarn made from Husky fur that was sent to me by a friend. I finally finished spinning it. He asked for a single ply, thick and thin that will be woven by another friend. I made one slightly more thick and thin than the other. I think there is about a total of 150 yds here so not really enough for weaving much of anything but I am sure it will be a good addition to a larger project. I have to admit that this was not my favourite fibre to spin. The short staple length was killer and the amount of fluff that coated my living room, not to mention the inside of my mouth and nose by the end of it, were less-than-pleasant aspects to the project. But, one learns from each encounter, and so it was with this.

I eagerly dusted and vacuumed away the dog fur from my wheel so I could begin to spin some new yarns. I am participating in the Sunnyside Gardens Park third annual craft sale in a couple of weeks. It is a very low pressure event - I am sharing a table with four other people so we can take turns being there and the total investment for me is $10. I am not getting worried about having enough product but I am enjoying working with fibre I have on hand. This is a handpainted BFL roving that will be plied with a different handpainted BFL roving. I think they will be good together but it is always something of a surprise once the plying begins.

And this is my subway knitting. A special pair of socks that will be a gift. I am using Noro's sock yarn and feeling a wee bit nervous about its less than soft texture. Dedicated Noro knitters promise that it softens up considerably with washing. I certainly hope so!

Also, Lucy asked me to make her a sweater for Rhinebeck from the left overs from the rocket project. Because what I want to do right now is make a project from Hometown USA yarn. Yeah.

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