Friday, September 24, 2010

Tote That Bale

Thar she blows! One hundred pounds of knit and crochet goodness ready to be installed later this morning.

In one of my conversations with the MF people about the installation, someone asked how heavy the piece was so they could be prepared with proper materials. He said, "You know, 10 lbs, 100lbs, har, har." As if knitting could ever weigh 100 lbs. Obviously you are not a golfer.* Dude, my knitting regularly weighs 100 lbs. Or more.

I hope his sense of chastened amazement will continue as the piece is unfurled and secured. The worst thing will be if it looks tiny and unimpressive. Yikes, did I actually write that out loud?

No. The worst thing will be if we can't actually fit this behemoth in our car.

Pictures to follow.

* This is a Big Lebowski reference. If you don't get it, go see the movie fer chrissakes!


urban muser said...

awesome robyn. hope it fits in the car. my husband is the resident big lebowski expert so he gave me the context for your reference. (i am terrible with quotes from that movie, although i love it).

Robyn said...

hey - I am psyched you even know it all! And a million thanks, not just for your great knitting, but for your moral support. See you soon!

OfTroy said...

it isn't tiny or unimpresive! Individually, so many blocks are beautiful (sometime the plainest, but knit with such care) collectively,it is beyond words.

island sweet said...

i'll be thinking of you today! xxx

Brenda Stratton said...

Good Luck Robyn. When are you coming back? I have a booth for you at the West Coast Craft Fair!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman..

the behemoth looks good like that, anyway.