Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Squares, They Are A-Coming In

This is a full time, a time of feeling full. Full of ideas, full of the world flowing through me. Keeping it flowing, I say! No snags, please.

The Guggenheim application was sent off into the ether of the internets, to be examined and have its teeth checked in the horse trading that is what gets called fellowship around here. It may end up at the glue factory, but it was a very good experience to have to write it, so glue or no glue, fellowship or no fellowship, it was worth the time and effort.

We would have been enjoying our second morning waking up in Gillams today but for the Maker Faire and Lion Brand Yarn on the phone. Oh-oh...a little snag! I have been surprised at how sad I am about it, to be honest. Newfoundland, that damn place. It just gets under your skin and won't leave you be. Perhaps there are some ringworm metaphors I could be working here.

But, moving forward in the fullness of life, I have been making and collecting squares for the rocket installation.

Colourful squares and plain squares.

Clever, mathematical squares and humble garter stitch squares.

Squares made with hooks, needles and, apparently, arrows the size of US 13's. Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say. (This one was made by Betty Chen, who came by yesterday and picked another bag of yarn -thank you Betty!)


island sweet said...

were the arrows finn's idea? missing you here too. xxx

gibknitty said...

hi robyn,
i have 2 squares done and 1 other on its way from a friend. maybe i can arrange to get some yarn from you?

love the arrows!

Robyn said...

Yes, let's arrange something! Are you ever in midtown/chelsea? I will email you...