Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Deep in the Juju

It's getting to be crazy time for this project. The time where I get three different emails about installing that all say different things. The time where they change the rocket the piece is going on three days before the installation. The time where the number of squares I have to work with is most definitely finite and the time for speculating is over. The time when my living room, no longer fit for habitation, is a minefield of yarn, scissors, hooks, balls of yarn and one big-ass piece of work. The time when Dan keeps his mouth shut. The time when I get up early, go to bed late and arnica becomes my best friend. The time when the children learn character-strengthening habits of entertaining themselves. The time when dinner is a choice between leftovers and a bowl of cereal. The time when I know exactly what I will be doing for every minute of the next 72 hours. The time when I look out the window and feel a slight tinge of surprise that the world has been carrying on as if nothing is happening. The time when I seriously turn off the computer and get to work.

Yes, my friends, we are deep in the juju now.

PS. Still send messages! And see you at the Maker Faire!


urban muser said...

best of luck in the final stretch. i am glad you got my squares yesterday. (dan is like our yarn mule!) see you saturday.

OfTroy said...

I forget--a bunch of messages.
From Debbie E, a knitter of just a few months who made 5 squares;
3 messages.
Smiles are infectious.
Wishes do come true.

From Kimberly S
Thank You

From me:
Thank you to the the Blumenthals (is spelled right?if not please do!)

Thank you (for you Robyn) for heading up this project!

If art can be defined as something that changes your perception, well this is art for me. Its cheered me up, and awaked create juices... its been wonderful!

ShannonAnn said...


Taos Sunflower said...

Onward through the fog! It looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I am chuckling here..

it was like that for me with the knitted convenience. All the eye could see was yellow wool.

My dog learned to walk over it.
And the specs keep changing..
I am wishing you well here...