Saturday, September 18, 2010

You're So Totally Square, Man

This morning I woke with a slight edge of panic creeping into my mind and body. Although my square stash is hovering around 100 now, the goal is 300 and it was only this morning that I fully realized exactly what I exactly want to do for this installation. (What can I say? These things take time.) So, I am putting my hopes, faith and dreams in the two knit nights at Lion Brand. And the fact that I have all this weekend to do nothing but crochet. Just because I spent an unreasonable amount of time cleaning out our bin of bills and other miscellaneous paperwork yesterday, something that I hadn't done in about three years, doesn't mean I am avoiding crocheting or feeling so overwhelmed that I am running away from my work. Nooooo, nothing like that.


Before I go back to my work, I want to give some credit where credit is due. Many friends and neighbors have stepped up with needles and hooks in hand and have delivered with squares. Here is a sampling:

A sunshine-y one from a Sunnyside neighbor, Carol McKenna.

These are from artist, Brece Honeycutt. They are extra special because she is a very busy person, making her own fabulous artwork, and she took time out from that to make these.

Another Sunnyside neighbor (and Lucy's boss), Katie O'Sullivan. The "T" and "H" refer to her super-cute kids. "H" is who Lucy watches once a week as a mother's helper. May we all have bosses who are so generous and nice! Katie even hosted a knit night in her home last week to encourage more local knitters to contribute. Thank you Katie!

These are from another Sunnysider, Kayvan Gahrahmat. One bonus to this project has been meeting people who live only blocks away who knit and crochet, like Kayvan.

These are from Patti Blaine, sadly still blogless so no link here.

These are but two of the many that Betty Chen contributed (the link is to one of her incredible quilts - check it out). She also recruited other family members to make some and took away more yarn the other day. Sadly, her house was damaged in the freak storm that hit New York City on Thursday so I am not sure she will have more time to make more squares. She has been a great contributor until Mother Nature intervened.

This one was made by Melissa Samide, who is a young homeschooler in Queens. Very impressive crochet skills!

So, the pile continues to rise, but will it be enough? We wait with bated breath...


Taos Sunflower said...

Did I ever share with you that in the heart of every procrastinator is a perfectionist? I read that years ago, and have found great solace in it. You just needed that time going through the bill bin to germinate some idea(s). Cool pics, love how things are going. (PS Those are the times when I clean the crispers and light switches, things that are otherwise invisible to me under the best of circumstances.)

Robyn said...

Thanks for the morale booster Martie! I needed it.

Hmmmm... the crisper and light switches...maybe I need to go check them....

OfTroy said...

Debbie--a knitter for 1 month now--has cast on and starting (tonight) the first of her 2 blocks.

every where, the message is going out... the universe is listening.. and the knitter are knitting, and the crocheters are hooking along.

soon there will be more square than will comfortable fit in your living room.

britni @ Antika Moda said...

such cool crafts, I just saw your photos of the knitted mile, so cool! I'm your newest blog follower :)

Robyn said...

groovy! Welcome britni@Anika Moda!