Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And One More Thing....

Have a look here.

What will you see? You will see the famous water tower cozy at the 2009 Knit Out in Minneapolis (the Mall of America, no less!). After its brief life on the water tower, it was transported to the local NYC office of TAXI where it was (no doubt) in the way and taking up valuable office space so that they offered it to Lion Brand Yarns. Lion Brand then took it with them to the Knit Out where it was - get this! - cut up and made into squares for afghans for Warm-Up America.

It fulfilled its role as art AND was used to warm the homeless. By gawd, a perfect project!


Xxx. Xxxx said...

Win, win, Robyn. Win, win. ;)

LICraftgal said...

That is excellent!!! What a great way to end up!!!