Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Felt Cervix Project

Artist Sonya Philip has a new project and she is looking for contributions.  The Felt Cervix Project "aims to highlight the importance of sexual and reproductive familiarity, education and empowerment."  The result will be a large-scale sculptural installation.  Sonya has a blog to keep you up to date on all things happening in the world of felt cervixes (is that the correct way to make cervix plural?).  And you can get the pattern off the website or download it via ravelry.

While I completely appreciate her goal for this project, I think it is just plain old fun to make a felt cervix.  And can you say "homeschool sex ed lesson"?  

Go on!  Make a felt cervix.  You know you wanna.

PS.  If you want to make your knit, then felted, cervix in the company of others, then head on down to Zucotti Park and Occupy Wall Street.  There will be a knit-in there this Sunday at noon.


Xxx. Xxxx said...

Cervix is so singular. Never needs pluralization... :) May there be a plethora of cervices or cervixes. Either does it.

And is this another rabbit hole I see before me??

Unknown said...

@ Patty: If it is (another rabbit hole)--its a small one. Just a few yards..
(i still haven't knit my first.. but...)

Robyn said...

Yes it isn't quite the stash buster that The Avenue of Trees was. In fact, I think I have to buy some pink yarn! My stash was officially busted.

Sonya Philip said...

Thanks for posting Robyn! And knitting cervixes in Zucotti park, PLEASE SEND ME PHOTOS OF THAT!!! The correct pluralization is "cervices" pronounced like servic-ee-s AND while on would think you'd never need to use it, I have met someone who had two, two cervices, two uteruses (uteri?) the whole shebang. She, tongue in cheek, called it a duplex. The things one learns!