Friday, January 17, 2014


For the chandelier piece for my exhibition at bkbx, I chose a colour from my box of française crochet coton purchased at a vente de garage outside of Montreal.  I still plan to use the rest of it for my unfinished Knitting Sprawl project (I swear!) but surely I could spare one cone of the more neutral colours for this.

It speaks only french but we still get along just fine.  I chose the grey.  Then I charted my pattern, bravely forging ahead into the unknown.  When all was said and done, my calculations told me to create a foundation chain of 542 stitches.  One can only laugh at such a number because otherwise one would cry.

I use my "memory of a fruit fly" technique for counting the stitches, which is to stick a pin in every 20th stitch.  Remarkably, I had chained 540 when I stopped to take count.  It has taken, ahem, several hours to work the first row but things will ease up for the next 13 rows (there are only 15 rows in total).

Morceau de gâteau, oui?

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