Monday, January 27, 2014

Who Knew?

A little bird told me...
Working on two exhibitions at once can get a little confusing.  I sometimes forget where the piece I am working on is headed and, lately, I have been seeing some boundaries blurring between them.  For one thing, both will be a departure from my earlier work in a variety of ways.  This is very, very exciting.  I can't wait to get to my studio these days.  Heck - I actually GET to my studio these days.  After a very long stretch of feeling neither here nor there, I am filled with energy and excitement about what I am doing.  I feel a lot of self-imposed limitations slipping away and I am feel playful and daring and ready to take risks.

It might seem silly to say such a thing about making art, because, really, how risky can it be?  No one is going to be injured if things go downhill.  At worse, I will feel badly about myself but that's hardly new.  Also, the notion of risk is relative even within the realm of art.  I remember realizing that, for a friend and fellow artist, her introduction of a small new element into her collages was her version of a "big risk" and I mean that seriously.  For her, it was taking a huge leap of faith.   We all have our context.  For me, risky involves presenting new work, venturing into video projections, audio installations and playing with lighting.  I know almost nothing about any of these things.  But my feeling is:
 if you are going to play - PLAY.

Plus, it's fun.

Did you know that?  Making art is fun!

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