Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's A Beautiful World

We are starting to have a small harvest of greens...

...and the onions are thriving.

Lori at Capistrano Fiber Arts was having a sale.

The alder twigs created a creamy, rich colour 
(soaked for a week, boiled for an hour).

The old stand-by, onion skins, never fails.

Finnian let me take his picture.

And the laundry was done.


Xxx. Xxxx said...

Envious of your greens. The squirrels and rabbits finally found the lettuces and are eating each head to the ground. Also, the squirrels (2 of them at least) will take a leaf off the broccoli and eat it to the spine, and leave the spines all over the lawn. I had a dozen broccoli plants and was looking forward to harvesting the florets. They are all gone. Devastating! I don't want to kill the squirrels, but ... I want to kill the squirrels. I hear you have a poisoner in your midst?? Send him down asap. Or not.

Robyn said...

My battles are with slugs more than squirrels (no grey squirrels on the island! we have chipmunks, however, but they don't seem to eat the veggies). Also, my broccoli is being eaten by a tiny green bug. Not sure what to do but I think I will spray with soapy water and see if that helps. The main problem is cool temps...everything looks little stunted.

Xxx. Xxxx said...

For the slugs, bowls of Budweiser, set into the soil a bit so they can get over the rim. You wouldn't want to drink the stuff anyway, and they die happily swimming in beer. I have no pangs about doin' 'em in, and ridding the planet of another bad beer while I'm at it. Not very zen of me, I'm afraid.

LICraftgal said...

Yep beer!! It works and they die happy and drunk!! Veggies look great.

doe said...

oh i miss hanging my laundry to dry! i used to do it in the little patio space we had in brooklyn. enjoy your sun drenched clothes!