Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nothing Special

Yesterday I had many lovely birthday wishes and I extended my birthday wishes to our adopted country. Canada turned 147 years old.  Me?  44.

Since it was a national holiday, my day was mostly quiet. Gillams is not normally a center of frantic activity but it gets even slower when many of its residents head off to their cabins. We happily stayed close to home. A little spinning, a little fleece scouring, a little gardening.  And in the evening, a town-sponsored bonfire on the beach.  

Nothing special, but enjoying every moment.

Lucy modeling the wild hat and tres sophisticated.


Stitching Upstairs said...

My kind of BD celebration. Happy Belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Now with that, I'd never ever have a bad hair day.

I just blogged your gorgeous knit for the NAtional Gallery. I am honoured to have yours in the mix, and will endeavour to get shots of it looking lovely in situ.

Thanks once again!