Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Preparations for the two exhibitions opening in March feel like they have been inching along.  It feels a little alarming how little actual work I have to show for it, so far.  

I did finish my first hooked rug, which is fun and exciting, but it is one of the few actual objects that I have to show for myself lately.  Most of the work for these two shows has been invisible up to this point.  I have been planning and make decisions and cooking ideas.

Stick a fork in it, baby, because those ideas are cooked and ready to come out!

For the exhibition in Brooklyn, I am presenting several of my crocheted text pieces along with some of the ceramic work I have been making that has never been shown before.  I also will be making two mini-installations in the space and taking advantage of a fancy chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

So, while this might be one of the most boring photographs ever taken, it represents something pretty exciting for me.  I will be taking my crocheted text pieces to the next level.  Tee hee...I don't even want to say more.  You gotta come see it yourself!  Save the date:  the show opens on March 7th.

As for Northern University in South Dakota...honey, it will blow your mind.

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doe said...

am saving the date . . i think the hook rug is impressive . .